antique 1930s hinged brass matchbox cover
antique 1930s hinged brass matchbox cover
antique 1930s hinged brass matchbox cover
antique 1930s hinged brass matchbox cover

antique 1930s hinged brass matchbox cover

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Rare antique 1930s brass matchbook case. Inlaid on the front is a enamel shield with cross and crook, the insignia crest of the White Shriners of Jerusalem. The cross and crook symbol is often associated with the motto "in hoc signio spes mea," a latin phrase that translates to "in this sign is my hope."

Label: No makers marks. Symbol on the front, a white cross and crook inside of a shield, is the insignia of the Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem
Era: likely 1930-40s
Color: gold, white
Materials: brass, enamel
- The order of the white shrine was founder in 1894. All members must be related to master Freemason, either by blood. marriage, or legal adoption.
- This striking and rare piece of tobacciana is similar in style to many WWI era trench art matchbox holders crafted by soldiers and prisoners of war in the 1910s -1920s
- A great gift for any smoker, especially ones who admire and collect unique smoking accessories and tobacciana.
- Fits any standard book of matches. Will ship with the "playing cards" matchbox that was inside it when I discovered it.

2" x 1.75"

Excellent antique condition. Very minimal signs of wear from a ge. Hinge and latch work perfectly! Included matchbox has several of the matches missing.

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